Hear Jody Whitesides' Music

What others are saying...

Blueeyeslies - "I'm a huge Taylor Swift Fan and I love this! I've listened to it 10 times now and I'm singing along!"
Jenna - "Your music is so cool it makes me feel like I just took a happy pill- except WAAAAAAAAY better. WOO HOOOOOOOO"
Mozartstaedter89 - "i dont really know taylor swift or any of her songs... but this is a good one!!"
Heidi Hamilton [Radio Host] - "He's awesome. I love it! I'd buy his album today!"
Rolling Stone [Nathan Brackett] - "He's obviously a talented musician."
Music Connection Magazine - "Lots of skill and craft without sacrificing heart or conviction."
Zak Haynes - "I love it and I want the world to love it!"

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